We offer our customers high quality vintage Russian straight razors, most of which were produced in USSR after WWII. We try to only sell razors with blades still in good condition, so they can be used for shaving and not just as collectibles. Occasionally we also have vintage safety razors in stock as well as safety blades, sharpeners etc. - all made in Soviet Union.

Straight Razors in USSR

There were several manufacturers of straight razors in USSR, but two of them held about 90% of the market and those are the razors most often available for sale today. The largest factory was called "Trud" ("Labour" in Russian) located in the small town of Vacha, Nizhny Novgorod region. This factory was founded in early 1800's and is known for producing highest quality steel arms, surgical instruments and cutlery in addition to razors. Their products are often marked with the abbreviation "ZTV" (Zavod Trud Vacha - "Labour Factory Vacha" in Russian).

They produced many different models of razors, called "Extra", "Dvuhzakovnaya" (Double forged),"Volga", "Oka", "Kama", "Gravjura" (Engraving), "Podarok" (Gift) and some others. Production of razors at this factory was stopped some time around 1969 (according to the stamped dates on the razors themselves). Most of them have a stamp on both sides of the shank, name of the model on one side and factory stamp with two digits signifying the year of manufacture on other side. Some of the razors, especially older ones, have only the factory stamp with the year on one side of the blade.

The other major factory was called "STIZ" - "Zavod Stalnyh Izdeliy" (Factory of Steel Goods) located in Moscow. This factory began operating at 1938 on base of another Moscow plant "Factory №9 of Mosshtamp Trest ". They made straight razors until the middle of 1980's, when the production was finally stopped due to waning demand. All their razors made from 1950 up to 1972 have the year of manufacture stamped on them. Blades produced after 1972 have no stamped date. Most popular models produced at STIZ are called "Moskva" (Moscow), "Osobaya" (Special), "Raketa" (Rocket), "Vostok" (East), "Orbita" (Orbit) and "Soyuz" (Union).

There were several more factories in Moscow which produced much smaller quantities of razors from 1920's to 1950's, but their products in good condition are very rare now.

Real Vintage Items

All of the items we offer are genuine vintage products, not replicas, and consequentially reasonable wear and tear is to be expected. Therefore our items are sold as-is and we cannot provide any explicit warranties, nor do we make any claims regarding their durability, etc. We do our best to note any visible faults in the description of each item and point out any problems of which we are aware. Each lot always includes a numbers of clear photographs - please review them closely. You will always receive the exact item that you see in the photos. We are honest in our descriptions because we only want happy buyers, but this disclaimer must be made for all vintage goods: any vintage items are not likely to be in factory condition and frequently have some wear and tear.

If you are not used to buying antique or vintage goods and are looking for a pristine, unused item, unfortunately this is not the place. However, if you appreciate the history and authentic character of vintage items as much as we do, we encourage you to take a look at our razors and even more vintage Soviet memorabilia and souvenirs that we have on eBay

Occasionally we have "New Old Stock" (NOS) items which have generally been opened, but still come with all of their original packaging and were never used. These items are always labeled NOS.

Attention! We never hone our straight razors so most of them will need sharpening if you intend to use them. All our razors must be sanitized before use.